HAPPY EASTER & Traditions…

Easter is fast approaching, well–really in two days, YIKES! But I thought I would share one of my family’s traditions with you (which you can use next year). To be honest, I’m not sure which culture uses this tradition, but we did this on both my parents’ sides of the family’s. When we were younger, we would decorate Easter eggs, fill them with candy, share some with friends and family and then the “Easter bunny” would hide them so that we could go and search for these.

Here is how the process works:

In the weeks leading to Easter, when you eat eggs, make sure to get a small hole on the one side, and then shake the egg out of it. This way the eggshell stays somewhat whole. After this, rinse the egg and let it dry. Collect as many eggs as you wish to use. If you eat a ton of eggs, then you will have them in no time.


After they have dried, you can start decorating them. There are so many ways to decorate them—paint them, use stickers, dye them, use sharpies, etc. I love just using acrylic paint and giving them a good layer or two of paint. Once they dry again, I like to paint patterns or write words on the eggs. Sometimes even get some fancy stickers and stick them on. Mainly this step is just fun and makes them look nice.


Next up is the fun part. You fill them with candy. I generally like to buy a few different types of candy, some chocolate (just make sure they don’t melt), gummy candy, peanuts and raisins, and whatever else there is. But also make sure they are not humongous, because they need to fit into the egg. I like to put the eggshells back into the egg-carton with the hole facing up. Then I just fill the candy into them, until they are almost full. Lastly, you place some cotton in them and can tape some tape over the hole, to keep everything in, until they are done being hidden and found.


The decorating part is so much fun to do with kids (old enough to not break the eggs) and it is also really enjoyable, on Easter to find them in the yard and later enjoy the candy! I would love to see some of your decorated eggs!! This was one of my favorite traditions. We would decorate a lot of eggs, and then give some to friends, but also we would receive some from our friends, and it was always so much fun to see what they filled into the eggs!


HAPPY EASTER, may it be enjoyable!